Cumulative Impact Assessment by the Environmental Protection Authority

Aug 23, 2021

Message from Captain Michael Edwards, OAM

Gascoyne Gateway welcomes the release of the cumulative impact assessment by the Environmental Protection Authority.

We note that the report does not preclude development, but rather highlights the importance of cumulative impacts being considered.

We also note the report has highlighted the impact of current activity in the Gulf. A properly regulated port would provide a mechanism for mitigating existing impacts through the better management of marine traffic.

Through our engagement with the Traditional Owners and the local community over the last year, we have also come to understand the importance and significance of Qualing Pool.

At present, Qualing Pool is not protected or managed in any way. It is our hope that we can work in partnership with the Traditional Owners to enhance the environmental, social and cultural values of Qualing Pool.

We will continue to work through the detailed environmental assessment process in consultation with the EPA, which in June this year set the highest possible standard for assessing our project.

As Australia’s first green port, our project will deliver immediate environmental benefits to the Exmouth Gulf, while creating permanent, high quality jobs for Exmouth locals.

In addition to working with the EPA, we will continue to consult with the Traditional Owners and the local Exmouth community about their aspirations for the region and our project.

To read the cumulative impact assessment report, please click here.

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