Community is at the forefront of our plans, with the project designed with the community at heart

Community involvement

It is a priority of Gascoyne Gateway to remain heavily involved with the Exmouth community. From employing local residents, to building facilities that can be used by the wider Exmouth community, the Gascoyne Gateway project is designed with the community at heart.

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It’s our priority to ensure the local community can genuinely influence design, construction and operations of our project as we move through the planning and approvals process. We are introducing this new way to connect with us throughout the year.

Use the calendar below to schedule a one-on-one meeting with one of our team.

How to get involved with a Community Reference Group

Exmouth residents will be able to partner with Gascoyne Gateway directly through community reference groups to ensure that local views are heard and genuinely influence the project in design, construction and operations.

Community reference groups will be held regularly throughout the year. There are two reference groups, ‘jobs and community’ and ‘design and environment’. Depending on what information is available at different stages of the project, the two groups may be held separately or together. This will be communicated with members ahead of each meeting.

Jobs and Community

Identifying the potential for the jetty to support the community through local industry participation, economic diversification, community access and community partnerships while minimising impacts on the community during construction and operations.

Design and Environment

Collaborating to minimise the environmental impact of the project’s design and maximise regenerative environmental opportunities.

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Members of reference groups must be permanent Exmouth residents.

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