Working to enhance the local and global environments

Committed to the environment

Gascoyne Gateway will deliver the first ‘green’ port in Australia and is committed to an environmental management approach that regenerates and protects the area, leaving it better than it was before.

The location of the proposed project was selected to reduce the impact on the environment, including minimising the dredging required, as well as ensuring the values and the integrity of the Ningaloo Marine Park are protected.

Professor Peter Newman
“Gascoyne Gateway is one of the first developments I have encountered that is committed to being a regenerative development. This means that they are going beyond just minimising impacts on the local and global environment, but are setting out to repair and regenerate past impacts. They are also including social and economic regeneration.

In my view, this makes Gascoyne Gateway an Australia-first holistic approach to regenerative development. I look forward to seeing how these development ideas are worked through in detail by the local community.”

Professor Peter Newman, AO

Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute

We are working closely with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), who will be preparing a review on the potential impacts of the project, meaning that Gascoyne Gateway will be held to the highest environmental standards available.

Regeneration initiatives

Gascoyne Gateway will work to enhance the local and global environments during both construction and operations. This will be achieved by:

Introducing better marine management throughout the Gulf to regulate the movement of larger vessels, as well as their associated impacts.
Developing regenerative habitat options for local flora and fauna.
Reducing long haul trucks on the roads and road freight transport emissions.
Reducing shipping emissions through more efficient freight solutions.
Developing a solar farm and battery storage to power the jetty.
Using renewable energy to produce potable water for the local community and to recharge local aquifers.
Professor Peter Newman

“The idea of a port that included regeneration initiatives from inception is a challenging concept, and that ambition is a big part of why I joined the project.”

Dr Ray Steedman

Former executive chairman of the Environmental Protection Authority

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