Jobs and Industry

Maximising local industry participation

Jobs, skills and all-year-round industry

Gascoyne Gateway will create 400 jobs during construction, 70 ongoing full-time jobs directly at the jetty and more than 130 ongoing additional jobs will be created in Exmouth.

The jetty will put downward pressure on the cost of living, through cheaper fuel supplies and providing more affordable ways of getting goods and produce into Exmouth.

There will also be the opportunity to support other sectors, creating jobs in industries as diverse as agriculture, renewable energy, water and logistics.

Gascoyne Gateway will support year-round local jobs by:

Maximising local industry participation in construction and operation.
Providing other sectors with an efficient logistics solution.
Providing year-round berthing certainty for cruise ships and luxury yachts.
Putting downward pressure on costs for local businesses

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Direct ongoing jobs at jetty

Additional ongoing full-time jobs created in Exmouth

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