Additional data from the Shire of Exmouth community survey

Sep 1, 2021

Gascoyne Gateway notes the Shire of Exmouth’s release of additional data from its recent community survey.

The survey data shows approximately 156 Exmouth residents oppose our proposal for a single jetty deep-water port and renewable energy hub, and approximately 78 people support the project.

We respect the views of everyone who participated in the survey and thank them for taking the time to do so. Understanding and engaging with the community is vital for Gascoyne Gateway to provide the best outcomes for all stakeholders in this project.

However, the Shire estimates there are 2,800 permanent residents in Exmouth.  Given only 255 Exmouth residents participated in the survey, this means that the views of more than 2,500 people are not represented.

The only way to ensure the views of all Exmouth locals were fully represented would have been through a random telephone poll or door-to-door survey.  Instead, the Shire opted for a methodology in which participation was voluntary and self-selecting, meaning the survey is highly likely to be skewed towards people with the time and / or motivation to complete it.

Such a methodology was also open to manipulation by people campaigning for like-minded people to complete the survey.

Gascoyne Gateway appreciates the input of all people involved.  The survey is very useful in identifying there are 156 people opposed to our project in Exmouth, and the reasons for their opposition.  We will take these views on board as we continue to engage with these people – and the whole of the Exmouth community – to discuss their aspirations and concerns, with a view to developing a project that creates long term jobs, regenerates the environment and enhances community facilities and infrastructure.

We encourage all Exmouth residents, whether you are supporters, opponents or undecideds to get involved in our community reference groups and to come and have a chat with us as we engage further with the community.

The full survey report is available on pages 315 to 352 of the latest Council meeting attachments booklet.

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